About the company

Metrostav Norge AS is one of the members of the Metrostav Group, which is the largest Czech construction company with a history of almost 50 years. The Metrostav Group consists of almost 60 entities operating in 16 countries around the world. We are a technically advanced construction company, focusing primarily on traffic construction, specializing in the excavation of tunnels and other underground structures, and, also, in the construction of reinforced concrete structures and bridges. We have the necessary know-how, qualified employees, and modern equipment so we can deliver a complete project in cooperation with the client, according to his requirements and wishes, at the right price, in the highest quality and at the agreed time.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of underground construction, we are considered to be a reliable supplier and partner in the implementation of projects using the Drill & Blast, NATM and TBM methods.

We use most of the known technologies regarding current trends. And when implementing and planning constructions, we pay attention to consistent environmental protection and the principles of sustainable development.

Thanks to our work, you are closer to each other.


As a member of the Metrostav Group, we follow our parent company’s  Code of Ethics and Ethical Line. 


The company has a duty to report on due diligence in accordance with the Transparency Act, section 4. The report is available below.



Due Dilligence

Code of ethics