Compliance Policy of Metrostav Norge AS

The Compliance Policy is promulgated to support the implementation of the necessary processes and procedures in fulfilling the principles arising from the standards CSN ISO 37301 and CSN ISO 37001 with the aim of achieving compliance with the relevant requirements that the company has mandatorily or voluntarily adopted in pursuit of its objectives, while setting up prevention, detection and response to conduct that may be considered unethical, illegal or in contrary to the established rules of the company.

To achieve the highest possible level of compliance, the following framework of principles and commitment is hereby expressed by the management:

  • Metrostav Norge AS has a clear rejection of unethical or unlawful conduct and declares zero tolerance for such conduct by employees or persons acting on behalf of the company. When such conduct is detected, an appropriate response will always follow in the form of measures that are clearly and demonstrably established by the company.
  • We always ensure that we comply with the laws of Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and other countries in which we do business or intend to do business.
  • Meeting stakeholder demands is our goal, but never at the cost of violating ethical or legal standards.
  • We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition.
  • We do not accept the possibility of conflict of personal interests with the interests of the company.
  • The Company pays increased attention to the area of sponsorship, the provision of financial gifts by the Company and the giving or receiving of gifts by employees.
  • The Company screens and commits its business partners to comply with ethical rules and laws.
  • The Company screens all job applicants with an emphasis on selecting employees for management positions.
  • All employees, members of the Company’s bodies and cooperating third parties are allowed to file any complaint relating to unethical or illegal conduct through the Ethics Hotline.
  • The Company guarantees the protection of whistle-blowers, except in cases of false accusations or deliberately false and damaging information. By doing so, we prevent potential damages, criminal legal and moral penalties against the Company and all honest Company employees.
  • An independent person with appropriate status and authority is appointed to operate the compliance management system, through the function of Compliance Officer.
  • The Company regularly reviews the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the compliance management system and ensures its continuous improvement.