Fv. 5878 Nye Nerlandsøybrua

  • Main client: Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune
  • Contractor: Partnership Metrostav Norge AS and Bertelsen&Garpestad AS
  • Construction period: 11/2022 – 03/2025
  • Price: 442 277 896 NOK excluding VAT, ca = 973 mil. CZK


Project description

The project Fv.5878 Nye Nerlandsøybrua includes the construction of a new bridge between the isles of Nerlandsøya and Bergsøya, located southwest of Ålesund. The bridge is a reinforced concrete construction with a total length and width of 574 m and 11,5 m respectively, divided into 8 spans, with the main span being 140 m long. The main part of the bridge will be built using the free cantilever method, and the other parts using a movable scaffolding system.

The project also includes the construction of sea embankments and the laying of the bridge foundation using large diameter bored piles.

The present bridge, constructed in 1968, will be demolished after the completion of the new one. This, however, is a part of a separate contract.


Project data

Bridge: 574 m, width 11,5m
Main bridge spans: 80 + 140 + 80 m
Concrete structures: 10962 m3
Reinforcement: 1920 t
Prestressed reinforcement: 52.200 mMN
Large diameter piles: 1920t
Asphalt: 14.000m2


Challanges/ Specifics of the project

  • difficult weather conditions for construction work, wind-exposed area
  • use of a special type of foundation in the sea
  • sea embankments
  • a remote location and complex logistics